Google Nears $1Bil in Clean Energy Investments

Google (GOOG) is investing $75 million in Iowa-based Rippey Wind Farm as part of its effort to encourage development of cleaner energy sources for its data centers.  RPM Access LLC is the primary owner that will sell power to Iowa-based utility Central Iowa Power Cooperative.

The wind farm already has 20 turbines online, with a capacity to produce 50 MW of wind power, enough to power 15,000 homes.

Google investments in renewable energy now exceed $990 million.


Google’s other clean energy investments include:

  • $94 million in Recurrent Energy’s solar photovoltaic (PV) projects near Sacramento, California, with a total capacity of 88 MW.
  • $75 million in Clean Power Finance, an open platform that connects installers with investors to provide financing to homeowners.
  • $280 million in Solar City’s fund to help provide financing for residential solar projects.
  • $178 million in Brightsource’s utility-scale solar projects, which will have a 392 MW capacity.
  • A 37.5% stake in Atlantic Wind Connection, a project to build a superhighway transmission infrastructure for clean, reliable energy off the Mid-Atlantic coast.
  • $100 million in Shepherd’s Flat’s wind farm in Arlington, Oregon, with a total capacity of 845 MW.
  • $38.8 million in Peace Garden Wind Farms in North Dakota, which generates 169.5 MW of power.
  • $5 million in a solar facility in Brandenburg, Germany, that has a peak capacity of 18.65 MW.

For more information on Google’s clean energy investments, click here.

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