Privacy Policy

  1. What Data Does CleanTechIQ Gather?

CleanTechIQ collects the User’s general information, including her/his content/display preferences, email address, company, title, address, phone and fax numbers, information about where the user heard about the CleanTechIQ site, and the user name and password that the user will employ to access the site.

CleanTechIQ also monitors the IP addresses, or the locations of your computers on the Internet, along with the corresponding user name and password of each user in order to prevent unauthorized access to CleanTechIQ’s sites.

Statistical data regarding access to the each site is also gathered. This data may include frequency of use, duration of use, number of visits per page, and articles accessed.

  1. What Does CleanTechIQ do with the Information We Gather?

The information gathered by CleanTechIQ is used for these main purposes: (a) to help CleanTechIQ determine site usage, reader preferences and content for upcoming features; (b) to help the CleanTechIQ staff better assist those in need of technical support and account updates; (c) to prohibit unauthorized access to CleanTechIQ websites; (d) to inform visitors to the site of changes and updates; and (e) to demonstrate use of the site to third parties.

  1. Does CleanTechIQ Employ Cookies?

CleanTechIQ employs cookies in order to track site usage and to verify a User’s access information. This also enables a User to access the full articles without having to re-enter a user name and password each time. Users must have their browsers set to accept cookies in order to access the Service and view the Content.

  1. Will CleanTechIQ Disclose My Personal Information?

CleanTechIQ does not disclose Users personal information to third parties.


Please report any violations to CleanTechIQ or call 212-677-7269.