Roundup: Lithium-Air Battery Breakthrough, Cambridge Univ. Says

November 3, 2015

81 corporations signed the "American Business Act on Climate Pledge"; Toyota, Honda bet on hydrogen-powered cars; DuPont builds world's biggest cellulosic ethanol plant using corn...

Progress in Affordable Green Hydrogen Fuel Production, Company Says

August 11, 2015

California-based HyperSolar says it’s reached a major milestone in its quest for an affordable and greenhouse gas-free way to produce hydrogen for fuel cells using solar power.

New ‘Wet’ Farm Waste to Biofuel Breakthrough

December 23, 2014

Scientists at the University of Guelph have tested a new method to create biofuel in the form of pellets from wet farm waste through pressure cooking. Their research shows that biofuels...

The Time to Shorten the Innovation Cycle and Make the Energy Transition Real Is Now

December 16, 2014

Its time for groundbreaking inventions in all fields of renewable energy for a 100% renewable energy economy, says Maximilian Martin, Ph.D., founder of Impact Economy.

NEEDED: 2.5 Billion Sustainable Toilets

November 26, 2014

More than a third of the world's population are without toilets, representing not only a sanitary and human rights issue but a technological one. The western version of a toilet won't...

Energy Storage Innovation Captures Attention of Investors

September 19, 2014

Although concerns persist, new business models around distributed storage and software and developments in flow batteries are peaking investor's interest.

This Week's CleanTech Industry News: $1.94B Sale of Waste-To-Energy Business Wheelabrator Technologies

August 2, 2014

BNEF says $2.5B invested in energy storage and EV batteries in 1H '14; new flywheel and compressed air energy storage project developments; Stanford and Steven Chu's pure lithium anode...

This Week’s CleanTech Industry News: MIT Creates Cheap Solar-Powered Steam

July 25, 2014

MIT’s new graphene sponge material creates low cost solar powered steam; GE’s new fuel cell breakthrough; New carbon capture project developments in Kentucky and Texas.

New Illinois VC Fund and the Growing Midwest Cleantech Cluster

July 11, 2014

New venture investment and funding activity shines a light on innovative cleantech companies in the Midwest.

U.S. DOE Invests $100M in New Scientific Research for Energy Breakthroughs

July 11, 2014

New funding for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) to accelerate scientific breakthroughs in energy production, storage, and use. Some funds will be used to advance promising...