Bay Area Drivers Become Early Adopters of Algae Biofuel

San Francisco-based Solazyme (SZYM) began making its biofuels available to motorists at four Bay Area gas stations on Nov. 13. The fuel, which is actually 20 percent algae and 80 percent petroleum, is available to any vehicle that runs on diesel.

The new gas falls in line with California’s “low-carbon fuel standard,” which forces fuel producers to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in their products 10 percent by 2020.

The algae fuel, called Biodiesel B20, is being sold for a little less than $4.25 a gallon in Redwood City, according to SF Gate. That’s in line with California’s average price for diesel fuel.

The net benefits of Biodiesel B20 include: 30 percent less particulate matter, a 20 percent reduction in carbon monoxide, and 10 percent fewer hydrocarbons.

Solazyme hopes to commercialize Biodesel B20 sometime in 2013.

To read the full SF Gate article cited in this story, click here

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