The Roda Group Makes Two New Cleantech Investments

The Roda Group has made investments in mOasis and Inventys Thermal Technologies.  The company announced the investments on June 4th.

According to its website, The Roda Group is the largest investor in the renewable oils company Solazyme SZYM.  It’s a venture capital group focusing on large-scale and lucrative business opportunities that address the issues of climate change, increasing demand for low carbon energy, and stress on the Earth’s natural resources.


mOasis has created a soil amendment product that increases crop yields while simultaneously reducing the need for fertilizer, water and water-related energy use. The product is a new type of hydrogel, a polymer known for its ability to absorb massive quantities of water. The mOasis product is able to enhance the amount of moisture and nutrients available to a plant’s root zone and significantly reduce water stress between rain or irrigation cycles. The company is based in California.


Inventys has developed an energy and capital-efficient technology for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial sources. The company’s proprietary process is less than one-third the cost of existing industrial CO2capture technologies and will enable the widespread adoption of carbon capture and sequestration. The company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia.



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