Energy Storage, Biofuels Rule IPO Market: Survey

The Energy Storage and Biofuels sectors are anticipated to have the highest number of IPOs in 2012, followed closely by the Smart Grid and Lighting sectors.  This is according to respondents in a survey of about 90 strategic and financial investors at the Jefferies Global Clean Technology conference in New York on Feb. 23.

An overwhelming majority of investors (71%) believe that Solar companies will experience the most consolidation in 2012, followed by Biofuel and Smart Grid companies.

Investors are most likely to invest in the Energy Storage, Biofuels and Solar sectors in 2012.

Asia is expected to drive the most growth in Clean Technology in 2012, followed by North America and then Europe.

Almost half the respondents said offshore wind turbines won’t become a significant component of global energy sources until at least 2017 and one-quarter said they never will.

“The findings of our survey indicate that the strong performance of both the public and private capital markets and a sustained pattern of capital allocation by investors are the two most important factors critical to the continued growth of the CleanTech industry” says Amy Smith, Head of Global CleanTech Investment Banking at Jefferies.

“We continue to believe, as validated by attendees at our conference and survey responders, that the global CleanTech industry will continue to grow substantially for many years to come” says Smith.



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