Pike Research: What Cleantech Bust?

In a Pike Research blog, author Richard Martin contradicts assumptions made in a recent article by Wired Magazine which describes how the clean-tech industry went from boom to bust.

In the blog, he states why Pike Research does not believe that the clean-tech industry is experiencing a crisis and which types of investors are more likely to profit.

A few key points made in the blog include:

  • Growth rates in 2012 will range from 6.3% for biopower to 116% for stationary fuel cells to 766% for energy storage on the grid.
  • Consolidation and “flameouts” like Solyndra are good for the industry long-term.
  • Certain investors are profiting in “nuts and bolts” clean energy products, such as: fuel cells, geothermal pumps and smart meters.
  • VC firms need to lengthen their investment time horizons and move more towards “sustainable capitalism.”

To read the full Pike Research Blog cited in this story, click here

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