Pike: Ten Trends to Watch for Fuel Cells

Report Title:  The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industries: Ten Trends to Watch in 2012 and Beyond

Report Author: Pike Research

Publish Date: 2/14/2012

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Report Summary:

The fuel cell industry continues to be a dynamic market as it makes the transition from the R&D stage to full commercialization. Along this path, breakout applications are continuing to emerge and business models and market structures are evolving rapidly. Some technologies and applications are proven to have staying power, while others are revealed as simply hype. But the overall fuel cell industry continues to expand, and Pike Research estimates that the total size of the global market will reach $785 million in 2012.

Several key trends are emerging that will be important in shaping the fuel cell industry over the next few years. One key market that is taking shape is the use of fuel cells for residential combined heat and power (resCHP) applications, a market that is experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 67.7%. Meanwhile, remote sensing is a breakout market for small fuel cells, which are well-suited for applications including dam monitoring, seismic monitoring, wildlife monitoring, weather stations, and others. However, other sectors do not look so promising, according to Pike Research’s analysis – one example is the portable fuel cell market, particular for consumer electronics applications, which the firm anticipates will suffer disappointment in 2012 after a recent renewal of the hype in this sector.

This Pike Research white paper offers analysis and insights on 10 key trends that will influence the direction of the fuel cell and hydrogen industries in 2012 and beyond. Information and analysis in this paper is drawn from Pike Research’s ongoing coverage of the global fuel cell market.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What will be the breakout fuel cell market of 2012?
  • What will be the combined revenue in 2012 of the fuel cell and hydrogen industries?
  • Is there an increasing trend to manufacture abroad in the fuel cell industry?
  • Will there be a resurgence of interest in fuel cell electric vehicles?
  • Will there be continued consolidation in the fuel cell industry in 2012?


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