New E.P.A. Rule Aims to Cut East Coast Pollution

New EPA standards issued to power plants aims to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from fossil-fuel-burning power plants. According to the EPA, these chemicals have polluted forests, farms, lakes and streams across the Eastern U.S. for decades.

The new standards apply to all the states east of the Rockies except North and South Dakota, Delaware and New England.

The new rule, issued on July 6th, is called the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) and will take effect in 2012. It replaces the EPA’s 2005 Interstate Rule (CAIR) which was invalidated by a 2008 court decision.

The new rule will cost $800mm annually, according to the EPA, along with roughly $1.6 billion per year in capital investments. It will result in $120 to $180 billion in annual health and environment benefits by 2014.

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