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Corporate Actions Spark Financing for Renewable Energy

July 21, 2016

As more corporations purchase renewable energy, especially solar and wind, financiers are responding with more and more funding for such projects. It's a virtuous cycle that looks set to continue, experts...

Companies, Countries Boost Their Clean Tech Spending Pledges

June 17, 2016

Government officials and clean tech companies came together in San Francisco earlier this month to discuss the next steps to meet the ambitious goals laid out at COP21 in December. While governments pledge...

China Update: Cities Transform Sludge into Clean Energy

June 17, 2016

A growing number of Chinese cities are turning wastewater sludge into clean energy, according to an in-depth new report. In our regular look at some of what's going on in the Chinese clean-tech space,...

Duke Energy, China, Others Turning Waste into Energy

June 17, 2016

Duke Energy is doing it. So is the Chinese megacity of Shenzhen, India's capital Delhi and a Canadian paper company. We take a look at the various entities that are turning waste -- whether that's hog...

Battery Makers Look Down Under as Test Market

June 17, 2016

Tesla, Panasonic, Sunverge Energy and other energy companies are looking at Australia as a test market for battery storage.

IPOs, Funding Rounds and More: Dong Energy Floats Europe’s Biggest IPO of 2016

June 17, 2016

We take a look at the latest funding deals, equity offerings and bond issuances from around the world including: Axine Water's fundraising plans, Westpac's $360M green bond, Axis Bank's $500M green bond...

ChargePoint Raises $50M Amid Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles

May 13, 2016

Former Kleiner Perkins partner Michael Linse's new investment firm takes the lead in the Series F funding round, which ChargePoint hopes will let it expand into Europe and China. Meanwhile, companies...

Electric Car Companies, Investors Have High Hopes for China

May 16, 2016

Internet companies are joining traditional car makers in rolling out new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the fast-growing Chinese marketplace. Generous subsidies are helping drive demand -- but...

Green Charge Networks Plans Global Energy Storage Expansion After Engie Deal

May 16, 2016

Green Charge Networks CEO Vic Shao says Engie's acquisition of his company will accelerate its growth. The firm is getting ready to raise fresh capital to fund new distributed energy storage projects...


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