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Clean Tech and Sustainable Investing Fundraising News: LP Demand Growing

September 8, 2017

We're seeing a healthy amount of fund-raising for clean tech and sustainable investment vehicles recently. Several newly launched funds are raising sizeable amounts of capital due...

China Roundup: China Turns to Drones for Pollution Monitoring, Farming

September 8, 2017

China Tech Giant Tencent Invests Heavily in US Cleantech; New Incubator for Sustainability, Energy Efficiency Formed in Singapore; Renewable Energy Gets Huge Boost from China's Belt-and-Road...

Microgrid Projects Attract Innovative Financing Models

July 31, 2017

Developers and consumers are showing increasing interest in microgrids, those small networks of electricity users that are usually connected to the larger grid, but that can typically...

Top Investment Themes for Sustainable Infrastructure Financiers

January 24, 2017

CleanTechIQ has been speaking to bankers, investors, project developers and other experts to learn exactly where that money is going to go this year, and what type of distributed,...

Inst’l Investor Appetite for Clean Tech, Impact Investing Grows

August 31, 2016

Big institutional investors and foundations are stepping up their commitments to sustainable investing and clean tech, creating new sources of capital for startups, developers and...

Institutional Investors Push Carbon Tax to Fuel Clean Energy and Efficiency

September 23, 2014

Some of the world's largest institutional investors managing over $24 trillion make the case for what governments and investors need to do in order to spark an additional $750B investment...

Client Demand Drives Morgan Stanley To Add Impact Investing Portfolios

September 19, 2014

Seeing a huge wave of interest from clients, Morgan Stanley joins other prominent wealth managers in offering environmental and social impact investment products to its wealthy clients....

Climate Risk a “Fiduciary Duty,” Institutional Investors Say

February 21, 2014

Major institutional investors have recently announced that they've made significant commitments to green investing strategies.

#3: Consultants See Uptick As Institutional Investors Eye Non-Traditional Cleantech

December 31, 2013

After a drop-off in demand over the last several years, institutional investors are starting to dip their toes back in the cleantech market. Top story of 2013.

Norway’s SWF to Make “Unprecedented Shift” in Renewable Energy

October 18, 2013

The newly elected government in Norway is mulling a new mandate to invest in renewable energy.

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