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Roundup: Impact Investing on the Rise, Generates Good Returns

July 7, 2015

Bill Gates to double Cleantech Investments to $2 Billion; Investor interest for impact investments on the rise; F.B. Heron Foundation investing 100% in impact investments; Vital Capital opens $500M Fund...

Go Big or Go Home! Defining Beneficial Scale

July 7, 2015

Ben Bingham, CEO of 3Sisters Sustainable Management, discusses how to invest in both positive social impact ventures and in “scale.”


Ehrenpreis on DBL’s New $400M Impact Venture Fund, the Biggest Ever

June 30, 2015

Ira Ehrenpreis, managing director of DBL Partners, discusses the fund's investment themes, impact investing, and fundraising trends. "This is a renaissance time for investing in energy innovation and...

Family Offices, Pensions Pledge Billions to Early-Stage Cleantech Companies

June 27, 2015

Start-up cleantech companies and projects are getting more support from investors and philanthropists. And prolific investors Rob Day and Matthew Nordan are leading the charge, launching new platforms...

Technologies and Data Help Make Cities Even Smarter

June 30, 2015

Technology and data are crucial for smart cities, experts say — but the data must be useable if it’s to have any real use.

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FirstFuel Software Offers Wealth of Energy Data that Utility Companies Badly Need

June 29, 2015

Having gained market adoption for its proprietary energy data analytics software, designed to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, FirstFuel plans to continue its expansion with $23 million in...

Briefing: Emerging Opportunities in Distributed Energy Storage Systems

June 5, 2015

We surveyed top investors, including DBL Investors & Black Coral Capital, and innovators to uncover emerging trends driving adoption and financing of distributed energy and smart storage systems.

How Chinese President Xi Jinping will Foster Clean Tech Growth: Hank Paulson

June 2, 2015

The former US Treasury Secretary reveals why China's gov’t is serious about cleaning up its dirty air and water, and where the biggest opportunities lie for firms to address its pollution problems.

Institutional Investors Hungry for More Clean Tech Products, Experts Say

May 31, 2015

The divestiture movement will drive a "tsunami of capital" into clean tech and social impact funds and projects. But how long will it take?

Things to Consider When Reinvesting Out of Fossil Fuels

May 31, 2015

As the divestiture movement gains steam, institutional funds should follow a 4-step formula to reinvesting capital in "clean solutions," says Ben Bingham of impact investor 3 Sisters Sustainable Management.


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