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Kilowatt Financial, Blazing the Way for Energy Efficiency Consumer Finance

April 23, 2014

With $120M in venture backing and a new $100M project finance fund for consumer efficiency retrofits, Kilowatt Financial’s “data nerds” are leading the charge into energy efficiency securitization....

The Sharing Economy Grows Up

April 23, 2014

Behind the big investments and billion-dollar valuations, VCs spot the techs and trends that could create collaborative consumption's next big jackpot.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Q1 Clean Tech Investment Up, Sign of Possible Rebound

April 23, 2014

BNEF’s Michael Liebreich outlines the key drivers of clean energy global growth.

Ultracapacitor-Based Storage Quickly Spreads in Energy Efficient Transportation

April 23, 2014

From New York's Long Island Railroad to China's hybrid-electric buses, Ioxus’ ultracapacitor storage devices are delivering bursts of energy that make the transportation sector cleaner and more efficient....

U.S. DOE Revives $4B Loan Program for Clean Tech

April 23, 2014

The Department of Energy is offering nearly $4 billion in loan guarantees to foster the commercialization of some U.S.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

NYC’s Bike Sharing Program Citi Bike Hits Spring Pothole

April 23, 2014

The bicycle sharing program says it has to raise its annual rate to balance its books, but city officials are trying to put the brakes on that plan.

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Black Coral Capital’s Rob Day: Reasons to be Optimistic

April 5, 2014

Day recently spoke about what’s driving the “next wave” of clean tech, his new investment approach, LP’s surging interest, and words of caution for other VCs.

How Not to Drown Investing in the Water Sector

April 5, 2014

Even though the recent scuttlebutt about water has been negative, small, under-the-radar startups stand to profit hugely from the growing $600 billion water industry. These include a new technology that...


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