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Hydroponic Farming Co. To Open Urban Greenhouses in New York, Chicago

September 1, 2015

Gotham Greens is among a growing number of urban farming startups building hydroponic greenhouses near, or even on top of, supermarkets -- a trend that brings new meaning to the phrase “locally grown.”...

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Enertiv: Using Big Data to Encourage Energy Conservation in Buildings

September 1, 2015

Real time energy consumption data has the power to influence tenants to waste less and to take a greater consideration of the costs, both financial and environmental, when using energy. And with more...

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Progress in Affordable Green Hydrogen Fuel Production, Company Says

August 11, 2015

California-based HyperSolar says it’s reached a major milestone in its quest for an affordable and greenhouse gas-free way to produce hydrogen for fuel cells using solar power.

Goldman, Google, Walmart, Others Pledge $140 Bil. in Major Actions on Sustainability

August 12, 2015

We take a look at the efforts that some of the nation's largest companies, including UPS, GM, Cargill, and B of A, have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to become more sustainable,...

California Winemakers Raise a Glass to Sustainability

August 12, 2015

Winemakers in Northern California’s Sonoma County say they want to be the nation’s first 100% sustainable wine region by 2019. This area's focus on sustainability has created opportunities for Cambrian...


The Biggest Challenges & Opportunities in Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits

August 12, 2015

What are key pain points for CFOs and building facility managers? Direct Energy's director of biz dev discusses his experiences delivering energy solutions for commercial buildings.

Energy Industry Waiting for its ‘iPhone Moment’

July 30, 2015

Powered by data and technology, the energy industry is poised to enter a new era.

New Funds & Fundraising: Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency Attracting Investors

July 30, 2015

GSR Capital launches $5B fund to scale emerging cleantech in China; Ygrene Energy’s $150 million PACE securitization; Clean Fund raises $60M for PACE financing; new $150M investment trust focused on...

China’s First Green Bond Raises $300M for Wind; China’s Green Buildings Present Opportunities for Western Firms

July 30, 2015

"We see activity around green bonds in a number of different places, but signals out of China are very strong" says Zurich Insurance Group.


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