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Indoor Farming Set to Surge in Asia This Year: Experts

February 10, 2016

Asia is showing more interest in vertical farms, hydroponic greenhouses and other controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) projects. That’s drawing the attention of investors, project developers and...

News Roundup: Vision Ridge, Capricorn Close $430M 'Sustainable Asset' Fund

February 9, 2016

N.Y. creates $5B clean energy fund; green bonds set to soar in 2016; Abu Dhabi pledges $10B in sustainable financing; India can hit its 100 GW solar target.

VCs, Financiers Show Growing Interest in Urban Farming

January 21, 2016

Vertical farming company AeroFarms raised $40 million in project finance last year for its brand new indoor farm -- the world's largest -- in Newark, and also closed in December on a $20 million venture...

BrightFarms Raises $13.6M for New Urban Rooftop Hydroponic Greenhouses

January 21, 2016

BrightFarms raised $13.6M in venture funding and attracted project financing to build new commercial-scale rooftop hydroponic greenhouses that will supply produce to supermarkets in the Washington DC...

Clean Energy Goes Hand in Hand with Water: Goldman Sachs Strategist

January 21, 2016

Emerging economies such as China and India are becoming among the largest investors in cleantech. Yet those countries must also face the problem of having relatively little clean water. Institutional...

How Cleantech Finance Can Rise to the Occasion

December 9, 2015

Not every innovative and sustainable project will turn a profit for cleantech investors -- and of those that do deliver a positive return, some will be quick while others may take longer than investors...

Green Bonds to Grow in Asia on Demand in China, India

November 25, 2015

Demand for new renewable power projects across Asia is set to soar in coming years, with up to $50 billion invested annually. Green bonds are becoming more popular among Asian issuers and investors alike,...

Technologies for the No Subsidy Imperative

December 1, 2015

Part Two of a series on the how-to questions to master the energy transition.

Building the Impact Economy—Beyond Paris

November 25, 2015

No Disruption, No Exponential Progress.


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